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Advent Comics' mission is to make our brand available to your patrons via your store’s shelves.

We are committed to winning your trust and getting our books into your store!

With that said, Advent Comics has put forth a program that is both comparable and fair as well as filled with retailer-exclusive packages.

By partnering with us, we will provide you with the following incentives:

• You will receive an impressive discount off of the cover price

• FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States on orders over $100

• Exclusive Comics created for YOUR STORE

FREE Promo Packages (depending on order size) which consists of posters, flyers, etc.

• Advanced Press Releases for upcoming Advent Comics comics & graphic novels

• FREE advertising of your store on our website and social media sites

• 30-Day Delayed Billing (after a steady partnership is established)

• PLUS In-Store Signings with Advent Comics can be arranged

We have successfully placed our books in several comics stores across the country and internationally with

the orders that these stores purchased, selling out within a week...EVERY SINGLE ORDER!!

Think of the sales that you can receive from being an exclusive retailer of our books in your area!

Remember that the more you order, the greater your savings and more profit that can be made!

We  LOVE our local comic shops and hope that you would join the UNIVERSE!


A preview PDF of Advent Comics titles available for Retailers can be received by clicking the button below.

Please use it to place your order with us. 

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Advent Comics Comic Books and Graphic Novels can be purchased in several formats.

Advent Comics Wants YOUR SHOP!!

Do you carry our books in YOUR Store? 
This space will be reserved for those Comic Shops across the country and around the globe that carry our titles.   We will not only list your shop on this page but post links so that our fans can seek out your store. 

Advent Comics will also promote your shop on our social media pages and offer you great discounts.

Click the button to sign up your store!