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Advent Comics takes pride in partnering with some of the best retailers in the business.  Here are just a few of our great, trusted partners!

Big Planet Comics

Peter Casazza owns the shop in the College Park area near the University of Maryland.   This shop is local to Tony and harbors one of the best selections of comics and graphic novels in the area.   They also have a blog and a podcast on their website, as well as an online store.  The Staff here are all great and will be happy to assist you.

Visit Big Planet

The Box

Our latest retail partner is also a brand new shop located in Lewisville, Louisiana (just outside of the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk) which opens this June.  It is owned and operated by Keith  Houin.  Keith is not only a partner but also a longtime Advent Comics fan and reader. 

The Box will be our exclusive retail location in the area where you will be able to get the latest Advent Comics releases and merchandise.

Contact The Box

Impulse Creations

Dan operates and owns Impulse Creations in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Impulse Creations has the hottest selection of entertainment items including comic books, action figures, Doctor Who and Star Wars.

 In addition to the amazing shop, Impulse has built up a large online presence and have many livestream sales events.

Visit Impulse Creations 

Nirvana Comics 

Richard , Grant and the Crew have a fun store where every day of the week you can find something going on.   Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Nirvana is our exclusive partner in the region to get all of the Advent Comics titles, graphic novels and merchandise.

Visit Nirvana