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FACETS is Coming!!

The Tenth Anniversary Celebration Project FACETS was successfully crowdfunded making it an instant, 
100 plus page, giant-sized limited edition collectible!!

Ten years in the making has all led to this! FACETS brings together characters from across the entire Advent Universe.  Look for Titan the Ultra Man , Savior, Ace, Rann Darklight, The Hit Squad, Blackfire and more to return in all-new stories in this new book.  

Not only was this book created to celebrate the tenth anniversary milestone for Advent Comics but to also showcase its amazing characters.  Several new characters make their first appearance within this giant-sized book as well as sets up storylines for the next ten years.

FACETS Supporters


Illusionist Investment Group


Richard Paulk

Rolando Rodriguez        Tim Walters      Doug “Valhalar” Triplett       Natasha Chisdes        Myron Strong      David Chaucer La Forest
Nosh Hedgeman        Rodney Bellamy       Jason Dorin        Nigel Flood/Punt Press    Jennifer Wicker

Harache Benoit     Ed       Christopher Kranz    Jeff Smith   Marvin Wynn     Greglan     Rafael Madrigal       BabaRob

D.D. Miller     Daniel Monson     Kirk Spencer      Paul Jarman   Thad Martin    Josh Smith     Christopher Caravalho     Adam Minott

Jose Loeri    BlazeWard7    Daryll Benjamin    William Hodge   Jesse Leonard    Jackie Dill   Kenneth Ross    Koncret Comics

Erin Wayne Hall   Newton Lilavois    JD Banks  Chris Buchner    Marc Presley   Dynamic Adventures Inc.   Lawrence Bell

JC Bill Madigan    Andy “Shaggy” Kort   Rachaun Rogers  Cameron Moore   Ron Brooks   David Gorden   Jason Harris

Ben Miller   GMark C    Dennis Strasburg    Alan Russette  Grok Comics   Jeffrey Duvall   Webster Style Mag     William Satterwhite

Kevin Smith  Morgan Wesley   Marcus H. Roberts    Short Fuse Media Group   Ron Joseph   C3 Comics   Kurt “KC” Christenson   Rodney Lockett

Dan Sehn   Mike Shea    James G. Brown   Gary Phillips  Joe Sewell   Kahlil Small   Roosevelt Pitt Jr.    Ced Pharaoh

John Jones   Bryant Smith   CJ Pendragon   Rayhne Sinclair  Fiona Clark    Roy Tan   Bill McCormick   Paige Alfred

Steve Sellers    Daniel Crowley   SamplingMastersXLR8   Brian Weibeler

Joe Kach    Scott Rowland   George Arterberry   Michael Rider  Jon Jebus!  Oldrich Stibor   Clint D. Johnson   Olivia Montoya

Ron Shawn White    GNOSIS Entertainment   Tracy Ervin  Dave “Klng Nowhere” Ortega   Molly Schofield/Louis Pryor   Bob Salley

Dug      Starside Comic Team    Garibaldi   Tasha Turner    Arthur Bellfield

FACETS Cover Preview

Cover Art by Ace Continuado, William Wolford,  PH Fuller and Cristian Docolomansky.

#1 - Netho Diaz Variant

Cover Art by Netho Diaz, Hedwin Zaldivar and Cristian Docolomansky

#2 - Aaron Bolduc Variant

Cover by Aaron Bolduc & Cristian Docolomansky

#3 - Ace Continuado Variant

Cover by Ace Continuado, William Wolford, PH Fuller and Cristian Docolomansky

#2 - Andy Smith Variant

Cover by Andy Smith, Hi-Fi Colors and Cristian Docolomansky


Check this space soon for more information and updates regarding the FACETS Kickstarter coming on June 26, 2019.