ADVENT COMICS Celebrates 10 Years 

A decade ago, Advent Comics was formed and we have not slowed down since!

In less than two months, we will  be launching a new Kickstarter campaign to celebrate the tenth anniversary with a book titled FACETS.  This full color, giant-sized, 100 page Prestige Book features Comic Creators from around the globe.

FACETS launches on June 26, 2019.

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Upcoming Comics



The third Advent Comics Exclusive comic title launch is best described as The Game Of Thrones meets Star Wars in this Sci-Fi/Fantasy Space Opera that introduces the Lexicons into the Advent Universe.

By Tony Kittrell (W), Samuel Santos/Zipactli JL (A), Beniamino Delvecchio (A), Whitney Cook (C)
and Jerome Gagnon (L).

Cover by Samuel Santos & Cristian Docolomansky.


Advent Comics Comic Books and Graphic Novels can be purchased in several formats.

COSMOS is the star-spanning, twelve issue cosmic adventure featuring the heroes of the Advent Universe...and beyond!

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The Deadliest, Highest-Paid Assassins within the Advent Universe have a secret worth killing for.

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Advent's Mightiest Superheroes join together to protect the Earth from threats no one hero can survive.

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Advent's Man of Might strives to become what the world needs most- a hero!

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