STREETZ #1 Kickstarter

STREETZ is a new taunt, action/thriller that focuses on the gritty underbelly of the urban streets.   A wave of deaths after the release of a new designer street drug targeting the urban community is the catalyst that kicks off the story.   But we will quickly find out that things are not what they appear as a sinister plot is revealed that will put these heroes to the ultimate test.

STREETZ  is the first of our Kickstarter Exclusive titles with several other campaigns coming in 2018.

Phoebe Xavier's SIDEREAL APOGEE #1

The latest Creator-Owned title from our UNBOUND REALMS Imprint is available for FREE!
Sidereal Apogee is 25th century cyberpunk pulp fiction.   The cast is a rotating Rogues Gallery of cyborg bounty hunters, escaped clones, corporate mercenaries and assassin hackers.   This first issue features a dinosaur rampage in post apocalyptic settings and a clandestine science outpost silenced by a young killer!!

Each issue contains 2-3 tales and bonus art.


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